This year  between 7 – 10 of November 2016, will happen the Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace –  the Web Summit. The City that will host this big event will be on Lisbon, Portugal.

What is a Web Summit?

Web Summit is the place where all the largest buyers and sellers of technology come together. This contains a mix of CEOs and founders of tech start ups together with a range of people from across the global technology industry, as well as related industries. Here it’s possible to find the most recent and emerging technologies around the world.

Web Summit started in Dublin, Ireland in 2010 and was hosted in the city for the last 5 years. This year (2016) the event will happen in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Who will be in the Web Summit in Lisbon?

Isn’t only the Europe largest companies but also more than 7000 CEO’s of companies from all sizes and all over the world to learn and know what are the news of software and hardware that can change and lift their businesses.

Its predicted to have more than 50.000 Attendees, 15.000 Companies from more than 150 countries, Its really the biggest event in Europe in the Technology Area.

This year the Web Summit will have leading academics who are in the forefront of the tech developments and business in the world, cultural icons and influencers and the key global leaders of the world.

Some of the names that will be speakers on the Web Summit are: Sean Rad – CEO and CO-Founder of Tinder, Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Actor & Founder of HitReCord, Mikee Schroepfer – CTO of Facebook, Ronaldinho –  Footballer and Investor Zoome and many more. Many people from many different areas of technologies. You can see the full list of speakers here.

Are you one of the Attendees of the web summit?

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