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  • 1. Domain Ownership www.myportugalwifi.com
  • 2. Privacy Policy
  • 3. Cookies Policy
  • 4. Consumer Litigation
  • 5. Rental Information / Shipping / Receiving / Returns

This Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement sets the conditions of the agreement between you (“the Customer”) and My Portugal Wifi (“We” or “the Company”) concerning the services provided by My Portugal Wifi. Please read carefully as they affect your legal rights and obligations.


1. Domain Ownership www.myportugalwifi.com

The web site www.myportugalwifi.com is registered and owned by the company Be-Wide Online Solutions Lda. (hereinafter referred to as “MYPORTUGALWIFI”), under NIF 514441925, the entity responsible for www.myportugalwifi.com.

For any clarification related to the site www.myportugalwifi.com or these General Terms and Conditions of Use and Contracting (CGCU) you can contact the MYPORTUGALWIFI Customer Service through any of the following means:

2. privacy policy

The company Be-Wide Online Solutions responsible for the site www.myportugalwifi.com values the privacy of its members and in this sense undertakes to respect it, guaranteeing the confidentiality and protection of the registered data by users.

This Privacy Statement is intended to provide users with the conditions of Security and Privacy, and only the data necessary for the provision of the service are requested and collected, according to the explicit indications on the website. You are free to access, correct, or delete your data.


  • Company: Be-Wide Online Solutions Lda.
  • NIF: 514441925
  • Contact Data Protection Officer: [email protected]


The Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter “LPDP”) and the General Regulation on Data Protection (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, hereinafter “RGPD”) ensure the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

In legal terms, “personal data” means any information of any nature and regardless of its support, including sound and image, relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, and protection does not cover the data of legal persons.

By accepting this Privacy Policy you give your informed, express, free and unambiguous consent to the personal data provided through the site www.myportugalwifi.com to be included in a file of responsibility of MYPORTUGALWIFI, whose treatment under the terms of the LPDP and RGPD complies with appropriate technical and organizational security measures.

MYPORTUGALWIFI maintains a database with the registration of its clients. The data presented in this database are solely the data provided by the data at the time of its registration, and are automatically collected and processed, according to the terms approved by the National Data Protection Commission, by MYPORTUGALWIFI, the entity responsible for the corresponding file.

Information on philosophical or political beliefs, party or trade union membership, religious belief, private life and racial or ethnic origin, as well as data on health and sex life, including genetic data, shall not be solicited.

In no case shall we carry out any of the following activities with personal data provided to us through this site:

  • Grant to other persons or other entities, without the prior consent of the data subject;


The personal data that we treat through this page will only be used for the following purposes:

  • (i) Order Processing;
  • (ii) Communication with customers and clarification of doubts;
  • (iii) Processing of information requests;
  • (iv) Claim processing;
  • (v) Statistical analysis activities;
  • (vi) verify, maintain and develop statistical systems and analyzes;
  • (vii) Direct marketing communications (if you have consented to the processing of your personal data for this purpose);
  • (viii) Preventing and combating fraud;
  • (ix) Requesting comments on products or services purchased;
  • (x) Conduct satisfaction surveys.

O MYPORTUGALWIFI guarantees the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers. Although MYPORTUGALWIFI collects and processes data in a secure way and prevents its loss or manipulation, using the most advanced techniques for this purpose, we inform you that the collection in open network allows the circulation of personal data without security conditions, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

The www.myportugalwifi.com website has a chat where users can ask questions and thus take better advantage of the entire MYPORTUGALWIFI offer. If users provide personal data to MYPORTUGALWIFI through said chat, they will not be used for any purpose other than what is requested by the user.

On the other hand, the user consents to access information about the service contracted with MYPORTUGALWIFI in order to offer additional services to the contractor.

At the time of the collection of personal data, except in the fields where the contrary is indicated, the user may voluntarily make personal data available, without the lack of response implying a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services (unless indicated otherwise). However, failure to respond to data, which is considered mandatory, will mean that it is impossible to access the service for which the data were requested.

If you do not agree with the above conditions, MYPORTUGALWIFI will not be able to contract with the user through your web page.


In order to comply with the purpose of this website, MYPORTUGALWIFI will transfer your personal data to other entities that will treat them for the following purposes:

  • Payment management and processing activities;
  • Processing and shipping activities;
  • Provision of contracted services.

The entities to whom MYPORTUGALWIFI will assign their personal data to treat them in the terms mentioned above will have the following nature:

  • Insurance companies;
  • Payment management and processing entities;
  • Processing and ordering entities;
  • Third parties related to the provision of contracted services.


Data collected by MYPORTUGALWIFI may be transferred and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). By submitting your personal data, you agree to this transfer, storage or processing.

All information provided to MYPORTUGALWIFI is stored securely on our servers and/or servers of our service providers, which may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). We take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is treated safely and in accordance with this privacy policy.


MYPORTUGALWIFI declares that it has implemented and will continue to implement the security measures of a technical and organizational nature necessary to guarantee the security of personal data provided to prevent its alteration, loss, unauthorized treatment and / or access, account the current state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed.

MYPORTUGALWIFI guarantees the confidentiality of all the data provided by its customers either in the register or in the process of buying or ordering products or services. The collection and processing of data take place safely and prevents its loss or manipulation. All data will be entered on a Secure Server (128 bit SSL) that encrypts/encodes (transforms into a code). You can verify that your browser is secure if the lock symbol appears or if the address starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

The personal data are treated with the level of protection legally required to guarantee their security and prevent unauthorized alteration, loss, treatment or access, taking into account the state of the technology, being the user aware and accepting that the measures of Internet security are not impregnable.

MYPORTUGALWIFI, when accessing any personal data, undertakes to:

  • To store them by means of legally enforceable security measures of a technical and organizational nature that guarantee their security, thus avoiding unauthorized alteration, loss, processing or access, in accordance with the state of technology in each the nature of the data and the possible risks to which they are exposed;
  • Use the data exclusively for the purposes previously defined;
  • Make sure that the data are handled only by workers whose intervention is necessary for the provision of the service and that they are bound by the duty of confidentiality and confidentiality. If it is possible for the information to be disclosed to third parties, they should be obliged to keep the confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of this document.


One of the purposes for which we treat personal data provided by users is to send electronic communications with information relating to commercial and promotional communications.

Whenever we make a communication of this type, it will be directed exclusively to users who have previously authorized them expressly.

In accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law no. 7/2004 of January 7, in case you wish to stop receiving commercial or promotional communications from MYPORTUGALWIFI, you can request opposition from the service by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


In accordance with the provisions of the LDPD and the RGPD, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation, opposition, and portability at any time upon request by any of the following means:

Should you wish to leave the MYPORTUGALWIFI database at any time, you may exercise this right through these contacts.

3.Cookies Policy

This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy of www.myportugalwifi.com (hereinafter “MYPORTUGALWIFI”, “Site” or “Website”). Access and browsing the site, or the use of its services, implies acceptance of the terms and conditions contained in the Privacy Policy.

To facilitate and provide a better browsing experience through the website, www.myportugalwifi.com (hereinafter “MYPORTUGALWIFI”, “Website” or “Website”), hereby informs you that it uses Cookies or other similarly functional files (” Cookies”).

Due to how Internet communication standards work, access to websites may involve the use of cookies. In any case, we inform you that MYPORTUGALWIFI is responsible for the Cookies and for the treatment of the data obtained through our own and third-party cookies, deciding on the purpose, content, and use of the information collected.

1. What is a Cookie?
Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that is downloaded to the user’s device when you visit a web page. The main objective is to recognize the user whenever he or she accesses the site, also allowing for better quality and better use of the site. site. Briefly: aim to simplify your navigation in myportugalwifi.com

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet; they do not damage the user’s device and, if enabled in the configuration of your browser, help identify and resolve possible errors in the operation of the site.

2. Use of Cookies by MYPORTUGALWIFI.
By accessing the site, you expressly consent to the use of this type of Cookies on your devices. If you disable Cookies, your site navigation may not be optimized, and some of the functionality available on the site may not work correctly.

Specifically, MYPORTUGALWIFI uses Cookies for the purposes set forth below. If in the future, MYPORTUGALWIFI uses others for the purpose of granting more and better services, the user will be informed accordingly.

3. Cookies Used
– Cookies of Preferences
These cookies allow websites to memorize information that changes the behavior and appearance of the Website. These cookies can also help you change the text size, font, and other customizable parts of Web pages. Losing information stored in a cookie of preference may make the Website experience less functional, but should not impede its operation.

– Security Cookies
Security cookies are used to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent use of logon credentials and protect data from unauthorized persons. For example, you can block many types of attacks, such as attempts to steal content from forms that you fill in Web pages.

– Process Cookies
Process cookies help the website to run and provide services that the website visitor expects, such as browsing web pages or accessing secure areas of the website. Without these cookies, the Website can not function properly.

– Session State Cookies
Websites often collect information about how users interact with a particular web page. This can include the pages that users visit most frequently and whether users receive error messages from particular pages. So-called “session-state cookies” help improve business services to improve the browsing experience of our users. Blocking or deleting these cookies does not make the website unusable.

– Analysis Cookies
These cookies help website and app owners understand their visitors’ involvement with their web pages. They may use a set of cookies to collect information and report usage statistics for websites without personally identifying individual visitors.

– Advertising Cookies
These Cookies (for example, platforms such as Google or Facebook) help the website owner and/or applications to capture “Leads” to solicit new advisors/clients/users of the Website. The Collected data is anonymous and the user can not be identified. They are used to limit the number of times an ad is viewed and help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

– Cookies and social plug-ins (social buttons)
These social cookies are intended to allow users to share pages and content through third-party social networks. They can also target the advertising offer on social networks.

Our site also uses plug-ins or social buttons.

The social plug-ins make it possible to facilitate the sharing of pages and contents of the site www.myportugalwifi.com in the various social platforms. For example, they allow the user to like and share information from our site with their friends on social networks.

For this purpose, the plug-ins use cookies to track the navigation of users, whether users of these platforms or not, and to check whether or not they are connected to the social network while browsing. These cookies also allow you to target advertising offers on these platforms.

For more information about the use of personal data in relation to social networks, the privacy policies of third-party social networks may be consulted.

All cookies are only kept for the time that is strictly necessary for their use.

4. User configuration to prevent cookies 
In accordance with applicable law, we provide information that enables you to configure your browser to manage and maintain your privacy and security with respect to Cookies. Therefore, we provide information and links to the official web sites of the main browsers so that the user can decide whether or not to accept the use of Cookies.

The cookie settings can be changed in the preferences of the browser, following the instructions in the links:
Internet Explorer

For more information about cookies, including to know which cookies have been installed and how they can be managed and deleted, you can access www.allaboutcookies.org. If you do not want your site visits to be detected by Google Analytics, you should http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

It is understood that the user accepts the use of cookies if he continues browsing this page without first proceeding to deactivate it.

4. Consumer Litigation

In case of consumption dispute, the consumer may resort to the European Platform for Dispute Settlement in line, available in http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr or the following alternative resolution entities of consumer disputes:

1. CNIACC – Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo
Tel.: 213 847 484;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org / www.facebook.com/cniacc

2. CIMAAL – Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Algarve
Tel.: 289 823 135;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.consumidoronline.pt

3. Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Distrito de Coimbra
Tel.: 239 821 690/289;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.centrodearbitragemdecoimbra.com

4. Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo de Lisboa
Tel.: 218 807 000 / 218807030;
E-mail: [email protected][email protected];
Web: www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt

5. Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto
Tel.: 225 508 349 / 225 029 791;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.cicap.pt

6. Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo do Vale do Ave/Tribunal Arbitral
Tel.: 253 422 410;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.triave.pt

7. Centro de Informação, Mediação e Arbitragem de Consumo (Tribunal Arbitral de Consumo)
Tel.: 253 617 604;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.ciab.pt

8. Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo da Região Autónoma da Madeira
Morada: Rua Direita, 27 – 1o Andar, 9050-405 Funchal;
Tel.: 291 215 070
E-mail: [email protected];
Web: www.srrh.gov-madeira.pt

For more information see the Consumer Portal http://www.consumidor.pt

5. Rental Information / Shipping / Receiving / Returns

5.1 Renting Mobile WIFI Hotspot

My Portugal Wifi rents mobile wifi hotspots of Portuguese Mobile operators and therefore the customer can avoid paying data roaming charges. The Data is Fully Unlimited!

By using our service, you agree and acknowledge you are just renting an equipment and that you will not gain any rights in the equipment. You agree that we will retain all ownership of the Equipment, including but not limited to user guides and accessories. The Device will at all times remain the property of My Portugal Wifi. You have no rights other than temporary use.

You agree not do any modifications, repairs or damage to the equipment we provide, you are fully responsible and will compensate us if any of those is done. We expect you to take a reasonable care of our equipment and handle it like we recommend in the instructions.

5.2 Receive

We (“My Portugal Wifi) will send the device to a Portuguese address, which you (“The Customer”) gave us on your order through our website. We will also provide an envelope to return the SIM Card or Wifi Hotspot at the end of the rental period prepaid. You will not need to pay anything more.

The devices will be delivered to your desired address before your arrival to the destination. After you receive it, it is your responsibility to verify the content of your package and if it is all in a working condition.

In The Airports ( Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Madeira, and Açores), the router will be ready to pick up on the Post Office (CTT Correios) or will be delivered on hand by one of our partners.

Our Partners will be waiting for you until one hour after the Flight arrives. If you don’t appear at the arrivals way out, we will only refund 50% of the booking (a minimum of 25€ will be charged)

5.3 Return

The Wifi HotSpot should be returned in the enclosed prepaid envelope. It should be returned until the midnight of the last day of the rental period.

If you (“The customer”) lose the package we provided to return the device, it is your responsibility to ship it as soon as possible and you will pay for the shipping charges.

The items should be returned in working order and good physical condition. Otherwise, it will result in compensation.

5.4 Rental Period

Your rental period starts at 0:01 GMT of the Collect day and ends at 23:59 GMT of the Drop-off date plus the number of your rented days.


We will not share your data with other companies or persons. All data provided by our customers will only be used by My Portugal Wifi for the purpose of the renting service or to inform the customer about products related to My Portugal Wifi. Read more on our Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

This Terms of Use is governed by Portuguese law and all disputes shall be filed and proceeded according to Portuguese legal system.

Last Update: 25 May 2018


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