Portugal Wifi

Need Internet Access In Portugal?

Rent our Wifi HotSpot!

Rent Wifi HotSpot

Internet For Your Next Trip To Portugal

Have access to internet in all Portuguese territory.

Unlimited Internet

Use internet without limits during your Holidays. No Worries!

No Data Roaming

Don’t worry about Data Roaming costs! You will not use it!

Shareable Wifi

You can share internet with your friends or family. No Extra Cost!

Full Coverage

You can have access to internet in all Portuguese territory.

Super Fast

You will have access to super fast internet with 3G or 4G coverage!

No Activation Required

You don’t need to activate anything. Just turn it on and use it!

Easy Deliver & Return

Very simple to deliver it to you and for you to return the device to us!


Secure And Private

All of the devices are secure and private. No one will know what you are doing!

No Surprises

You will not have extra charges at the end of your trip. No Hidden Costs!

How Does It Work?

Rent, receive, use and return.

Rent Online madeirawifi.com

Rent Online

Easy to rent online before your travel, you can rent your device at home or anywhere with your mobile phone.

Receive yours when you arrive madeirawifi.com

Receive As You Arrive

You can collect your device at your Hotel, at the Airport or at your residence in Portugal. Simple and Secure!

Use your internet madeirawifi.com

Use Your Internet

You can use internet without worrying about data consumption or costs. You have unlimited traffic for your apps.

return the product madeirawifi.com

Return The Product

Return the device on your last day of holidays using the provided prepaid envelope. You can find post boxes at the airport!

Choose One Product To Rent

Rent our Wifi HotSpot.

Wifi HotSpot

Wifi HotSpot

Wifi HotSpot ( also known as Mifi) is a small device to help you connect to the internet over a mobile network. It Creates Wifi for your phone, tablet or any other device that needs internet. More details