How to Return It

Follow these simple steps to Return the device:
Step 1 to Return

Put Everything inside the envelope

Check if you have everything we sent you inside our envelope (Charger and Wifi HotSpot)
Step 2 to Return

Put it on the mail

Put our envelope in a post box. You can find them at the airport or around in the city you are in.
Step 3 to Return

It's Done!

See how simple it is?! No need to worry about buying stamps, paying fees or envelopes!

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How to return it in video

Check our video that shows how easy it is to return the device to us.


Have a look at the normal or typical Post boxes that you can find in Portugal.
Postbox CTT 1
CTT 2 Return
CTT 3 Return
CTT 4 Return
Normally, post boxes are red and they have inscriptions like “Correios” or “CTT”.
They are available around cities and at the airports in Portugal!

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