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General Information
What is a HotSpot Wifi?
A HotSpot wifi (mobile Pocket WiFi or Mifi) is a small wireless hotspot that uses a mobile network (3G or 4G) to connect to the internet. It is able to broadcast a Wifi signal that you can connect to any device that uses WiFi.
Is my internet Unlimited?
Yes, you will have unlimited internet. This means you don’t have a GB limit.
How fast is the internet connection?
We provide devices with 3G and 4G connection. The 4G it’s present in all the major cities or sizable villages in Portugal. In the other areas, its covered with 3G.
Please note that the speed of your internet may vary due to multiple factors, like indoor placements, network coverage or the number of simultaneous users using the mobile network.
How Do i Rent a device?
To rent a device ( Wifi Hotspot ) you just need to select a collect date and a drop-off time (normally your days of holidays) and then just place the order and pay it to complete the order. After that, you will have everything done.
Do i need to buy a SIM Card if i rent a Wifi HotSpot?
You do not need to buy a SIM Card if you rent a portable Wifi HotSpot. The device already contains one.
Do i have to do a Safe Deposit?
Yes, you have to pay a 50€ “SAFE DEPOSIT“(55$/45£ depending on the exchange rate). This deposit will be RETURNED to you after you return the device at the end of your stay in Portugal. The money will be returned in cash, or to your Paypal account or by bank transfer.
How far in advance i need to book my Rents?
We recommend 5 days in advance if you are receiving your device at the Hotel and Residence. This way, we will be able to send the package to the Hotel or Residence you are staying in. If you want to collect the advice at the Airport, we will deliver the device on your arrival, at the airport.
Which Payment Methods are available?

We accept PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card, all of this using the PayPal gateway. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with Credit or Debit card. We also accept bitcoins.

How Many devices can i Connect?
You can connect up to 10 devices at the same time. Please take into consideration that your internet speed will be shared between the devices!
What i can do with it?
With a Wifi HotSpot you can access to any app that you normally use when you are at home. You can check your emails, your favourite apps or maps.
Can i remove the SIM Card from the WIFI HotSpot?
No, the SIM card has to remain in its hotspot!
How Long does the wifi Hotspot battery last?
The battery of the device normally lasts up to 6 to 8 hours of nonspot use and 120 hours in standby.
Receive and Return
How do i Receive the Portable wifi HotSpot or SIM Card?
You choose the location. It can be at the airport on your arrival or in the Hotel or the Residence where you will stay in Portugal. Follow this link to read more about how to receive your device.
How do i Return the Portable wifi HotSpot or SIM Card?
It is very simple, you just need to put all the things you received in the envelope we have sent you, then put it on a post box. You can find them at the airport or around the cities in Portugal. Follow this link to read more about how to return your device.
Other Questions
Any other question?
Feel free to contact us if you have any other question or doubt that you didn’t find an answer for on our FAQ’s page. You contact us by phone +351 938 665 159 or use our contact form. You can also email us: [email protected].

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