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A Sim Card is what you will insert in your phone or tablet. This sim card will be from a Portuguese mobile network that will let you connect to the internet without paying the high fees of roaming.

Note: Security deposit (25€) will be added to your rental period. It will be refunded when you return the device to us.

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A SIM Card is what you will insert in your unlocked phone to connect to the internet. This SIM Card will be connected to a Portuguese mobile network soo you won’t need to worry about the high fees of Roaming.

Why Rent a SIM Card?

Renting a Card is good for people that have already have an unlocked portable wifi hotspot or unlocked phones. You will just need a Portuguese mobile network to make it work. We give you the opportunity to rent a SIM Card. No need to worry about contracts, activations, or other costs.

They will be available in the 3 main standards: the Standard size, the micro and nano. Will fit in any unlocked phone or portable router or even a tablet.

Our connection is provided through 3G/4G networks and the 4G connection is available in the major cities of Portugal. The rest is provided through 3G. Please note that we aren’t able to guarantee always fast internet connection due to the place you are in, if you are indoors or other factors.

We recommend, for the Hotel and Residence, to book your rents with 5 or more days in advance. For us to be able to send the package to the Hotel or Residence you are staying in. For the Airport we will delivery it on the day you Arrive to Portugal.

Our Prices are the following:

-Up to 6 Days – 6.99€/day
-8 to 13 Days – 3.99€/day
-14 to 30 Days – 1.99€/day
-31 Days and Beyond – 0.99€/day

The prices above its how we charge over the days of renting. More days you stay more discounts you will get. Plus we add a Security deposite of 25 euros.

When you receive the package it will contain the following products

– The SIM Card;
– Instructions with all the indications in how to use the SIM Card;
– A envelope to return the product (Ready to use and can be dropped in any postbox).


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