The “Little Ones,” show Portugal in full miniature splendor Portugal dos Pequenitos Portugal dos Pequenitos2

Literally “Little Ones’ Portugal” (it is sometimes incorrectly referred to as Portugal dos Pequeninos) Portugal dos Pequenitos is a unique theme park in Coimbra.

The park consists of diminutive versions of Portuguese houses and monuments, and has pavilions dedicated to the former Portuguese colonies. Built by Bissaya Barreto and designed by the architect Cassiano Branco, it was opened in June 8th, 1940.

Little Portugal, as it is also translated, is the oldest theme park in the country. Founded by Bissaya Barreto, who died in 1974, it is now taken care of by a foundation named after him the Fundação Bissaya Barreto.

Portugal dos Pequenitos3 Portugal dos Pequenitos4

So if you are in a little Portugal, take with you an unlimited and portable internet.Portugal dos Pequenitos5 Portugal dos Pequenitos6