Don’t expect over-crowded streets or inflated prices in this capital city; it’s one of the most tranquil and affordable capitals in Europe. Navigating Lisbon is very easy, especially on foot, and visitors can anticipate winding, narrow roads and phenomenal lookout points. What else should you expect from the ‘City of Seven Hills’? Walking at night is also a treat and in Alfama, Lisbon’s old district, mouthwatering aromas and wistful melodies (known as fado) drift from cozy restaurants that line the narrow, cobblestone labyrinth of streets. Don’t miss Chiado, the trendy district with the oldest bookstore in the world, or boho-chic Bairro Alto, which comes alive at night. Great weather and lots of sun means there is never a bad time to visit Lisbon.


Visit the capital and explore all the streets and stores that you can’t find at first sight. Take with you portable and unlimited internet and search for all the amazing secrets that Lisbon has for you.