The 9 kilometre beach, with an extensive and continuous shoreline of fine golden sands, has given the island the popular name of “Golden Island”, becoming its trademark and main icon, together with its uniquely crystal-clear, turquoise-blue warm waters, make it a unique legacy in our country and one that is rare all over the world.
It was voted the best “sand dune beach” in the competition “7 Maravilhas – Praias de Portugal” (“7 Wonders – Beaches of Portugal”).

Discover an oasis of rest and relaxation in Porto Santo, surrounded by well-being and health, by enjoying a perfect beach for the perfect holidays, allowing yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and caressed by a sand that fights all the ailments of modern living.

Approaching Porto Santo by boat, you get a good sense of the place: the way it’s bookended by knobbled peaks, the highest looming in the north, and descending to a central saddle and the lovely long south-coast beach. The main “town”, Vila Baleira, is the biggest hub behind the sand; otherwise there’s an appealing lack of development, especially at the island’s southern tip.

This beach is also famous for the therapeutic properties of its sand. Now scientifically proven, these sands are said to alleviate the pain caused by rheumatism and to accelerate the recovery of broken bones.

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