If you are having a long-haul flight and want to discover some new and interesting places, StopOver Portugal by TAP is an excellent thing to try.

What is the Stopover by TAP?

A Stopover is a great opportunity to explore two different places for the price of one. You can spend one, two or three days while doing a stopover in Portugal. Portugal is a good place that can be used like a bridge to your final destination. You don’t need to waste your time while you wait for your connecting flight.

You don’t need to waste your time while you wait for your connecting flight. On the meantime, you can explore all the good places that Portugal has to offer. If you book your flight with stopover you will have Hotels with exclusive prices, amazing places, and perks to explore and an app to help you get around.

Explore Portugal and Share those moments with Unlimited Internet

While you explore the City of Lisbon, Porto or others interesting places in Portugal you can use one of our Mobile Hotspots (also known as MiFi or Wifi Hotspots) and share those moments without needing to worry about Wifi or even worst the High Costs of Roaming.

With our devices, you can connect up to 10 devices at same time, have Unlimited Internet and fast connection (3G/4G). If you already have a mobile hotspot you can just rent a SIMCard and use it on your own mobile hotspot.

Rent a Wifi Hotspot or a SIMCard while doing your StopOver in Portugal

After you book your stopover with TAP, just come to our site and rent one of our options (a SIMCard or a Wifi Hotpsot). You will get it when you arrive to Portugal at the airport or at the Hotel you will stay in until you catch your connection flight. Read our FAQ’s in how to Receive our Devices.

Rent Now

It’s easy to get it and return it. When you end your stopover in Portugal you just need to put everything in the envelope and send it to us. You will be able to find a Postal box in the airport and you won’t need to pay the stamps.

See the video below in how we show you how to return the device: