If f, like us, you devour as many memorable dishes on your travels as possible, this flavoursome bucket list should give you food for thought. How many of these unique culinary experiences have you tried?

1. Fresh coconuts, St Lucia

2. Bagels, New York City

3. Al Khalas dates, Oman

4. Pastel de natas, Portugal

Nowhere does custard tarts (or pastel de natas, as they’re called here) quite like Portugal. And perhaps nowhere in Portugal does them as well as Pasteis de Belém in Lisbon, which is why queues for the sweet, rich and perfectly crisp tarts often stretch along the pavement.

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5. Aperitivo in Milan, Italy

6. Clam cakes, US

7. Lingonberry juice, Sweden

8. Beijing dumplings, China

9. Viennese Sachertorte, Austria

10. Sushi and sashimi, Japan

11. Grasshoppers, Mexico

12. Ripe figs, Spain

13. Full Scottish breakfast, Scotland

14. Gaufres, France

15. Laal mass, India

16. Ceviche, Peru

17. Sichuan hot pot, China

18. Tom yum soup, Thailand

19. Alba white truffles, Italy

20. Pizza in Napoli, Italy

21. Thuringian sausages, Germany

22. Empanadas, Argentina

23. Bunny chow, South Africa

24. Cawl, Wales

25. Gelato, Italy