Summer is always that rush for those who decide to travel and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. It is necessary to decide the itinerary, to make reservations in hotels and to search for prices and promotions in the airlines, all with much anticipation and patience.

After resolving all these issues, the practical part of the trip begins. It’s time to pack and choose what to pack in for a good stay and for saving on resources while on vacation.

Thinking through all this, we have prepared a guide with 10 tips on how to pack suitcases in a safe and organized way so that you can make the most of your vacation and have no problems with your belongings before, during and after boarding.

Planning how to pack suitcases

To prepare a travel bag in a practical way without worrying about the accommodation of the items, remember to separate them according to the type (clothes, perfumes, creams, hygiene products) and to pack fragile objects before placing them in the suitcase.

1. Make a list of the most important items

The list makes it much easier to decide which items to take with you or not and is the first step for those who want to learn or improve the notions of how to pack suitcases.

Separate objects by categories: personal hygiene, bathing suits, accessories, perfumes, walking clothes and social events. Try to accommodate them logically in the suitcase to save time when you need to use them while traveling.

2. Prioritize “wildcard”

To save volume on luggage, an excellent suggestion is to choose the “wild” pieces, that is, the most basic pieces that easily combine with different types of clothing.

Those who are going to enjoy summer and want a simple suggestion of how to pack suitcases should essentially carry a white T-shirt and jeans, regardless of destination and the duration of the trip.

3. Separate items into sachets

Items such as medicines, make-up, and other smaller objects should be stored in bags or pouches before being placed in the bag.

This makes it easy for them to be well organized. The ideal is to choose a bag of each color, making it easier to identify the objects when necessary.

4. Use travel kits

For storing personal care products such as shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, liquid soap and shaving foam, it is best to make use of those small packages of travel kits that are practical and take up little space in the suitcase.

5. Use an electronic cable case

The electronic cords for cell phones, cameras and notebooks are usually scattered around the suitcase and are almost always damaged during the transport of luggage.

The best way to organize them is to leave them all together in a case. This prevents any cable from being forgotten or that is caught in the closure of the bag.

6. Fold clothes pieces strategically

Undoubtedly, clothing and accessories are the key items for those looking for options on how to pack suitcases, with priority being the good use of available space in the luggage.

It is essential that the pieces are folded in the most “strategic” way possible so that they are well reduced and do not compromise the conditioning of other items.

To do this, avoid exceeding the “folds” so as not to create so much volume and be careful to iron them before being placed in the suitcase.

7. Carry a handbag

Most of the time it is impossible to put all the travel items in the conventional suitcases. Therefore, it is advisable to use a handbag mainly with regard to accessories and toiletries.

In addition to optimizing luggage space for storing clothes and shoes, the handbag makes it easy to organize and access smaller items (which will usually be used while traveling).

8. Use an extra suitcase for shopping

When it comes to how to pack suitcases, it is essential to consider that in addition to luggage you need to reserve extra space for the purchases made during the tour.

The best way out is to carry a small extra bag folded inside the larger suitcase and use it only for small souvenir purchases or bibs.

In the case of people who usually make a lot of purchases, especially abroad, the best way out is to carry a large suitcase with very few items so that the space is enough on the way back.

9. Be aware of excess baggage

It is imperative to take certain precautions regarding excess baggage in air travel. Generally, flight companies establish a maximum baggage weight and charge extra service fees if this requirement is not met.

It is important to weigh the bag in advance and look for information about the volume of luggage allowed by the company, thus avoiding inconveniences at the time of shipment.

10. Always carry the most valuable belongings in the carry-on baggage

High-value belongings, such as notebooks and photo cameras, should be carried in hand luggage to avoid the risk of damage and loss during the entire journey.

Also a bonus… Check the weather forecast in advance!!! Another essential item that involves the guide of how to pack suitcases is to check the weather forecast at the place of destination in advance.

This is essential to be aware of the type of clothing and other accessories that should predominate in the suitcase, such as umbrella, boots, coats and sunscreen, since in some cities it is very difficult to find these items.

These were our tips on how to pack suitcases and you will certainly have no problem choosing what to take with you during your vacation, considering both your favorite belongings and those indispensable and necessary for your safety.

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